Is Legionella Lurking In Your Water?

June 1, 2022 | 11:15 am – 12:30 pm Concurrent Block B

B-5    Is Legionella Lurking In Your Water?

CE Credit: NAB

As this pandemic continued, businesses in the community fully or partially closed.  Hotel rooms were vacant.  Restaurants were empty.  Hospital wings were closed.   Aging services units were taken offline.  While the community lay still, so did the water in towers, heating systems, pools, tubs, and pipes.  In some situations, this gave way for a pathogen that lurks in stagnant water systems – Legionella.  This year, as residents moved about the community as businesses began to re-open, or were patients in local hospitals, or were in units in our buildings when they re-opened, they may have been exposed to the Legionella pathogen as it became airborne when the water became aerosol.  Aging services operators know of Legionella and have water management plans in place to prevent Legionella outbreak, but few know where to start if they hear of one resident having a positive lab result.  They often know only the horror of the headlines when there is a hospital or healthcare outbreak.  If you learn of a case or report for your resident, how should you respond to the Department of Health inquiries?  How do you know if the resident was exposed in your buildings?  Should you test for Legionella?  Where should you begin?  Do you have pollution insurance?  Does it cover testing or remediation expenses?  Where do you start if you don’t have an updated water management plan? Attend this informative, lively panel discussion for the answers to those questions.  The panel is comprised of a clinical risk consultant to share pertinent overview of Legionella and pollution coverage that aging services providers need to know, an owner of a first-rate water treatment company who is skilled in investigating reports or cases of Legionella and helping providers work with regulators, and an leading aging services provider who implemented all prudent steps to provide safety for residents and to manage regulators and the survey process.


Colleen Frankenfield

Bio: Licensed Nursing Home Administrator/senior care provider for more than 40 years and has provided legal and regulatory guidance to providers as an attorney and as a CEO.

Bette McNee

Bio: Bette McNee joined Graham Company in 2014 and is a member of the Safety Services
Department. She works within the rapidly expanding Health and Human Services
Department as a trusted resource for regulatory and quality and safety issues, helping
clients to improve outcomes and navigate the ever-changing industry.

Peter Stempkowski

Bio: Peter Stempkowski founded Clarity Water Technologies in 2003 to help his clients prevent harmful waterborne pathogens and to reduce their employee’s exposure to harmful chemicals.  With safety as the number one priority, he and his team of engineers and licensed technicians specialize in comprehensive industrial and commercial water treatment services that include expert consulting and cutting-edge chemistry.  Peter’s customers value his nearly 20 years’ experience in providing expertly designed and cost-efficient programs.   Their full-service team supports the needs of various industries including aging services organizations throughout Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, and Maryland.