The Digital Transformation of Senior Living: Adoption & Implementation

June 1, 2022 | 2:00 – 3:15 pm Concurrent Block C

C-3 The Digital Transformation of Senior Living: Adoption & Implementation

CE Credit: NAB, Service Coordinators Certificate

As organizations envision a larger portion of their annual budgets being directed toward technology and technology enhancements, this session will focus around the importance of a strong strategy and roadmap for organizations to meet their goals. We will also be exploring the build and design of these technologies and components of infrastructure required to meet the needs of emerging technologies now and in the immediate future.  The State of Technology in Aging Services report published by the Center for Aging Services Technology (CAST) offers a vision for long-term care that includes smart technologies as well as integrated information technology systems that support and enhance the health, safety and social connectedness of older people living in their own home. How can retirement communities provide smart technology solutions within a connected environment in order to enhance the quality of life for their residents? What Smart Technologies exist today that are appropriate and affordable for senior living communities and easily accessed and used by residents?  What are the infrastructure requirements to meet this new wave of smart technologies, and what capabilities are presented for communities that already have enough infrastructure in place?  We will provide an overview of approaches to integrating smart technologies, as well as new emerging technology trends. This session will focus on the importance of developing a technology strategy and implementation roadmap.  Smart technologies along with the crucial importance of a supportive infrastructure allow communities to take proactive approaches to meet the inevitable demand of residents. Each retirement community should have a strategic roadmap when it comes to the implementation of smart technologies and infrastructure. Whether updating old technology systems to meet their needs or implementing new technology and infrastructure initiatives, communities are looking for ways to better serve their communities.  We will offer a big picture look around how a proactive, holistic approach to smart technologies, including AI and predictive modeling, can be leveraged to enhance the quality of life of seniors, and improve clinical decision making.


Nick Patel

Bio: Nick joined The Asbury Group Integrate Technologies Tech in April 2018, and has more than 15 years of experience in strategic planning, finance, operations and sales management in both domestic and international markets for Fortune 500 companies. Nick brings a proven history of delivering results and customer satisfaction to his role with The Asbury Group Integrate Technologies where he is responsible for business growth as well as the strategic planning and execution of technology hardware and software initiatives and programs.  Nick joined The Asbury Group Integrate Technologies from CompuGain, a global provider of business solutions, technology consulting services and outsourced project services, where he served as CFO before being promoted to COO in January 2016. Nick’s prior work experience includes serving as a Senior Advisory Consultant with Fannie Mae, a Senior Project Manager with Freddie Mac, and in financial and accounting roles with MCI, Sprint/Nextel, and the Associated Press.  Nick received his bachelor’s degree in management from England’s University of Manchester School of Business, and he is a Certified Public Accountant.