B-1: Building Person Directed Living out of a Traditional Model of Care

NAB; ANNC – 1.25 Hours | Wednesday, June 21 9:15 am – 10:30 am 

Session Description:

This session will focus on how a senior living community can begin the work needed to move from a ‘facility’ to a ‘community’. The session will provide an overview of one community’s journey to become person centered and directed, as well as introduce and discuss the steps used, process followed, and funding sources. We will conclude with small group discussions and allow ample time for Q&A.

Learning Objectives:

Describe the difference between traditional model of care and person directed model of living.

Outline how person directed living improves not only the resident’s quality of life but also team members and family members.

List at least three fundamentals to starting on the path to person directed living.


Kathleen Afkhami-Ardekani

Executive Director, Fellowship Senior Living

I have worked in the field of aging since 1988.  I started the first dementia neighborhood in my first job out of college.  I am a CDP, president of VOICE (PA state affiliate of the Pioneer Network/Greenhouse Project). While working as executive director at Simpson Meadows in PA, I worked with the team and Research Institute on Aging (out of Waterloo University) on transforming the community from a very traditional model of care to a person directed model of living.

Julian Hutton

Operations Manager, Culinesse

Following military service as an infantry officer in the British army, Julian went into the international hospitality and hotel industry. After years of opening and managing luxury hotels and operations throughout the USA, Africa, and Asia, when his father became sick with Alzheimer’s he wanted to help senior living and healthcare embrace some of the best practices and experiences of the hospitality industry. He set up a company training healthcare operators on leadership and hospitality before being recruiting by one of the large food service contract management companies where he operated throughout the Covid period. Seeing an opportunity in line with those values of hospitality, respect, and customized care, he joined Culinesse in 2022.