F-4: Strategic Performance Improvement: Driving Change for Sustainability

NAB; HRCI; HUD; Service Coordinator – 1.25  Credit Hours  | Thursday, June 22nd. 11:15 AM – 12:30 PM

Session Description:

Operating aging services communities requires a passionate, data driven focus on performance improvement and a tireless continuing performance improvement approach to ensure success and sustainability. This presentation provides an overview of how senior executives in the aging services industry can approach this strategic performance improvement process in their organizations to ensure success. Rather than benchmark organization performance to the average of competitors, the presentation will describe how to benchmark against one’s own performance in a constant pursuit of excellence, as well as how to develop a multi-year financial proforma and its usefulness as a projection and scenario planning tool. The presentation will also describe how to develop strategic performance improvement initiatives and map their anticipated results on the proforma. All throughout this presentation, the critical management and leadership skills necessary for these tasks will be explained, as well as the importance of employee engagement and communication with stakeholders. The strategic performance improvement initiatives described may include but are not limited to: new clinical services to better meet the needs of the community or referral sources, initiatives to change payor mix or acuity, census development initiatives, quality measure and cost of care improvement initiatives, and improved recruitment and retention of staff.

Learning Objectives:

Describe the strategic performance improvement process, its components, and its effectiveness in helping organizations achieve success and sustainability.

Outline the steps for an environment scan and self-assessment

Explain the critical leadership skills, employee engagement, and stakeholder communication necessary for successful strategic performance improvement.


Joseph Tomaino, Chief Executive Officer, Grassi Healthcare Advisors

Joseph Tomaino has over 30 years of healthcare management experience working in the not-for-profit, for-profit and government-sponsored segments. As a chief executive officer, chief nursing officer, consultant, and educator, Joseph has worked with skilled nursing facilities, providers and payers across the U.S., improving clinical effectiveness and financial health through business transformation strategies and more efficient use of resources. Joseph uses data to analyze the organization’s effectiveness and the populations it serves, and then applies innovative structure and program designs to improve performance in managed care and accountable care reimbursement environments. Prior to joining Grassi, Joseph was CEO of the Continuing Care Division of a major multi-hospital health system and was responsible for organizations with a total of $280 million a year in revenue. Joseph has advised both payers and providers on re-designing processes to be in alignment with emerging value-based payment methodologies. He also serves as a Patient Care Ombudsman for the Office of the United States Trustee, monitoring healthcare businesses as they restructure under bankruptcy, and provides advisory services to help struggling facilities achieve sustainability and profitability.