CARE Associates Network

Healthcare Services & Associations
242 Old New Brunswick Road
Suite 370
Piscataway , NJ 08854
Phone: 973-301-2121
Fax: 973-301-9088
MaryAnne Scuderi, President & CEO

CARE Associates Network, LLC (CARE) was established over 25 years ago by a group of quality focused, independent nursing home providers who recognized the value in collaborating to effectively manage the changes in the delivery and reimbursement of healthcare.

CARE is unique in that all Member providers are owners of the Network.  This ownership structure promotes higher standards of care and equitable participation in goal setting and direction of the Network.  Over the years, CARE’s Network has grown to include Assisted Living and Medical Day Care Providers.

Since 1998, CARE has developed business relationships with Managed Care Organizations in the NJ Market.  Being a member of CARE provides facilities with access to new Managed Care contracts that will help to increase their short term, sub-acute census.

As a member of a competitive network, CARE Providers will benefit by obtaining higher reimbursement rates and superior contractual terms in comparison to negotiating contracts as an individual provider.  CARE also assists with the required credentialing/recredentialing process, as well as providing a coordinated effort to help member facilities collect on problematic claims.

As CARE continues to grow, new value-added services have been added to enhance and support our Member’s quality initiatives, such as a comprehensive Patient Satisfaction Survey program, a Mock Survey program, and a Wound Care Certification program all sponsored by CARE on behalf of its Members.