LGBTQI+ Designated Representatives & Facility Staff Courses

NJHA and LeadingAge NJ & DE are pleased to share information concerning the LGBTQI+ Designated Representative Course and the LGBTQI+ Facility Education Course for the November 2022 – Sept. 30, 2024, period.  We are continuing to partner with SAGECare in this effort.  Please note that while this is a joint program, payment should be submitted directly to HRET, address is listed below. 

Under New Jersey Law all long term care facilities are required to have two designated representatives who have completed an education course and can serve as a facility resource for planning education for your teams.  Once a designated representative has completed the course, there is NO need to re-do the course.  If a designated representative leaves your organization, a new person will be required to complete the course so that your organization always has two designated representatives.  There will be no change to the Designated Representative course for November 2022 – Sept. 30, 2024; registration is available at and the registration fee will remain $299 per person.

The law also requires your facility’s entire team to repeat the LGBTQI education every two years.  As new team members come on-board, the facility education should be incorporated into their orientation process and must be completed within the first 6 months of their start date.  If your organization subscribed to the Facility Course during the December 2021 – October 2022 time period, you can now renew your subscription for the next two-year period ( Nov. 2022 – Sept. 30, 2024) so you can use the course for team education and onboarding new staffTo acknowledge your support and participation, we have significantly reduced the subscription fee for the next two year-period.  As of Nov. 1, the renewal subscription fee will be $2,250 for the first facility and $750 for each additional facility in your company or organization. To renew please click here:

For new subscribers, the course subscription fee will be $3,000 for the first facility and $1,500 for each additional facility and will cover the November 2022 through Sept. 30, 2024, period – up to two years, with complete access without any additional cost until October 2024.  We look forward to welcoming new subscribers and assisting you with using the course to achieve your goals. To register, please click here

Assistance is available from the NJHA team at or 609-275-4030.

LGBTQI+ Residents’ Rights: Designated Representative Education

  • The program is being offered in two parts:  Part one is a self-paced online module (approximate length is 2 hours) and part two is a 1.5 hour live session via webinar.
  • Each Designated Representative must complete both parts, but they must do the self-paced module first and pass the quiz at the end with a score of 80 or higher before they can select their live session date.
  • Attendance in each live session via webinar will be limited to 40.  As sessions fill up, additional dates will be made available for registration.  Designated Representatives should choose a live session date close to the date on which they complete the self-paced module.  If your first choice is not available, please go back to the registration page and choose another date.
  • Once an individual registers for the program, there will be no refunds or credits permitted.
  • The person taking the course MUST be the person who registered for the course with the same email address as the one used to register. Replacement attendees must be approved by the NJHA team at least 7 days in advance.
  • It is strongly recommended that facilities have at least 4 people attend the Designated Representative program to ensure that the facility remains in compliance in the event that one or more of your Designated Representatives can no longer serve in that role.
  • Registration must be completed through  If you do not already have an account in the learning management system, we have attached a “how to” guide.
  • The registration fee per person is $299.  Payment is accepted generally via credit card; if there are circumstances that require another form of payment, please contact the NJHA team at .
  • 5 continuing education credits will be available for LNHAs, CALAs and nurses.  The course will help fulfill the ethics credits required for LNHAs (4 credits every renewal cycle).
  • All course materials are available on the learning management system.

LGBTQ+ Residents’ Rights: Facility Level Education

We strongly recommend that your Designated Representatives complete their education program (above) before you begin using the facility level course.  The Designated Representatives will be integral to facilitating this course for your staff.

According to the law, education for your entire facility staff must be completed by Sept. 3, 2022 and then every two years thereafter.  New hires must participate in this education within 12 months of their start date, unless they have documentation of having completed the education within the previous two years. The program is a 40-minute, on-demand webinar with 20 minutes estimated for discussion between sections of the video.  There are five accompanying resources and tools for facilitators and/or designated representatives to use in teaching the course.  It can be used with groups or by individuals, as determined by the facility.

  • Facilities will be responsible for tracking attendees’ completion of the program as part of their overall training plan.
  • We will not issue certificates or CEUs for this program. Facilities may choose to provide attendees with certificates.
  • All course materials are available on the learning management system.
  • Assistance is available from the NJHA team at or 609-275-4030.

We appreciate your continuing efforts to engage your team in this important education and to enhance the inclusivity of the long term care communities throughout New Jersey. LeadingAge New Jersey & Delaware, NJHA and SAGECare have developed these two programs with facilities’ needs in mind.  We look forward to your participation and feedback.