Things to Consider When Choosing a Provider

Resident Environment

  • Be sure to visit the provider several times and at different hours. Enjoy a meal with residents and watch how staff and residents interact with each other.
  • Look to see if all residents are well groomed and dressed appropriately for a full day of activity and social interaction
  • Can residents bring personal belongings?
  • Is there adequate privacy in resident rooms?
  • Ask if there is an active residents’ council as well as a family council.
  • Are there special events held at the provider to encourage the community to visit and participate in activities?
  • What religious and spiritual activities are offered?
  • Are there volunteer or other opportunities for residents to stay active in the provider and community at large?

Location and Surroundings

  • Be sure to pick a location that suits the resident and makes it convenient for regular visits by family and friends.
  • Is the overall provider well maintained and cheerful?
  • Are there lawn and garden areas for common use and are outside activities planned to encourage residents to take advantage of them?
  • Look to be sure that all exits clearly marked with unobstructed paths.

Care and Services

  • Find out what services are offered and decide whether they suit your needs. Ask what services are included in the daily or monthly rate and whether there are other services available at an extra charge.
  • Talk with residents, staff and family members to find out how much input residents have into the care and services they receive.
  • Ask what happens if you need additional assistance – can the provider provide the necessary care?
  • Find out if there is a physician available for emergencies.
  • Ask what the ratio of staff to residents is.
  • Find out if there are plans for renovation or expansion.