D-1: Combating Social Isolation with Therapeutic Counseling & Technology Innovation

NAB; HCBS TRACT; HUD; HUD RSC – 1 Credit Hour  | Wednesday, June 5th. 1:15 PM – 2:15 PM

Session Description:

This session will provide examples, pilot data, and resident feedback on two social isolation intervention programs. According to the CDC, loneliness is associated with a 45% increased risk of mortality in older adults. It’s critical that providers regularly assess residents for social isolation, and have tools they can use to proactively intervene, help residents engage with the community, and improve their wellbeing. This session will explore Springpoint’s LivWell program, which employs a multi-dimensional model to engage community members in a variety of programs designed to improve health and overall sense of well-being. Speakers will provide an overview of social isolation through a public health lens, discuss the need for action and share best practices to improve engagement in your community and beyond. This session will outline methods to assist residents with person-directed services in their communities, including therapeutic counseling and geriatric care management and speakers will discuss how to promote complementary services in a community setting, and practical tips for motivating socially isolated residents to accept support services.

Learning Objectives:

Describe the importance of identifying residents at risk of social isolation in senior living.

Explain the benefits therapeutic counseling can have for residents at risk of social isolation.

Describe how personalized interactions can motivate residents to engage in behaviors that improve well-being and reduce loneliness.


Eric Allgair, Senior Vice-President, Elder Life Management/ElliQ

Eric Algair is a seasoned healthcare executive adept at orchestrating service delivery and program development across the long-term care spectrum. With expertise in change management, talent acquisition, and strategic planning, he champions organizational growth and staff empowerment. Eric’s leadership blends business acumen with resource optimization, consistently delivering solutions to complex operational challenges.

Stacey Judge, Director of Community Wellness Programs, Springpoint Senior Living 

Stacey is a highly experienced professional with a 35 year career in Healthcare, Wellness & Fitness. Stacey’s passion for increasing “healthspan to meet lifespan” has led her to become a leader in the industry, motivating and educating individuals & whole communities to embrace whole-person wellness and combat ageism. She is the driving force behind Springpoint’s Award Winning LivWell program, which is employs a multi-dimensional model to engage community members in a variety of programs designed to improve health and overall sense of well-being. Stacey frequently presents at industry conferences, including the International Council on Active Aging (ICAA) Conference.

Adam Cige, Manager, Project Success – Intuition Robotics

Adam has been with Intuition Robotics since the beta phase of product development. He currently helps manage their partnership with the New York State Office for the Aging as a liaison between the government staff, residents of the state, and the ElliQ team. He has been involved in ElliQ operations ranging from tech development, shipping logistics, relationship management, and direct to consumer installations and marketing.