Annual Meeting Call For Proposals

Giving voice to things that matter takes courage.

Being creative and breaking new ground takes courage.

Cultivating an environment where staff and older adults thrive takes courage.

Doing the right thing for the right reasons takes courage.

When we tap our inner strength and combine it with thousands of others who share our common purpose, courage is ignited.

LeadingAge NJ & DE is proud to deliver high-quality, engaging speakers on a variety of critical topics in aging services at the Annual Meeting + EXPO. We appreciate your consideration of bringing your expertise to our membership! We are excited for our 2024 Annual Meeting + EXPO, to be held back at Caesar’s in Atlantic City on June 4 – 6, offering presenters an unparalleled forum to showcase a variety of forward-thinking ideas and innovations in senior care and services.

LeadingAge NJ & DE cannot provide compensation (honorarium, reimbursement, program development, etc.). Session presenters will receive a complimentary registration for the day of their presentation and may attend other same-day sessions at no charge.

Read the below information, and then submit your proposal here. 

Proposal Guidelines:

Submission Requirements

Submissions that are incomplete or fail to meet the following guidelines will not be considered for review:

  • Speakers must agree to speak on site in Atlantic City on June 5 and 6, 2024
  • All proposals must be submitted by January 8th, 2024
  • Due to the peer review nature of this project and the lead time on continuing education applications, late submissions cannot be considered for review. No extensions will be granted.
  • Content and speaker changes will not be accepted once a proposal has been submitted. Speakers will have an opportunity to submit updates to content and speaker information if a session is selected for conference.
  • In order to develop a high-quality, well-balanced education program, LeadingAge NJ & DE reserves the right to limit the number of sessions an organization may provide to no more than three sessions.

LeadingAge New Jersey & Delaware urges you to consider the following as you develop content and identify speakers for proposed sessions.

All proposals are peer-reviewed. A committee of LeadingAge New Jersey & Delaware members considers the following criteria when evaluating the merits of each proposal:

  • Relevance of topic and applicability of concepts to aging services providers.
  • Experienced speakers, knowledgeable about the subject matter and LeadingAge audience.
  • Diversity of voices, perspectives, backgrounds, and life experiences represented, including demographic diversity. Racial diversity and balanced gender representation on panels is strongly preferred.
  • Sessions are expected to incorporate the LeadingAge NJ & DE member viewpoint vs. solely feature business firms or consultants. We encourage applicants to incorporate senior care providers as speakers on your presentation.
  • Sessions should include the voice of elders, especially when the content touches on the resident/client experience.
  • Be mindful of the language you use. Refer to LeadingAge’s Anti-Ageism Quick Guide to ensure your proposal reflects person-centered values and language.
  • Tailor the information to the intended audience; be specific about the topic’s relevance and applicability to a specific setting or professional discipline.
  • Consider education delivery methods that create opportunities for meaningful audience interaction and engagement.
  • Avoid focusing your session content around a specific product or service.

For your convenience, gather the following session components before starting your submission.

Session Title: list a succinct headline that clearly conveys what your session is about.

Session Narrative (300-500 words): provide a clear, detailed description of the content to be covered in your 60-minute session.

Learning Objectives: outline the key takeaways (specific skills and/or practical knowledge) the audience will gain by attending your session. Please click on this link to determine the appropriate and best action verb for each learning objective: Blooms Taxonomy Verbs.

Program Diversity: describe how your session will contribute to an inclusive and diverse program with respect to voices, perspectives, populations, topics, education delivery methods, and/or audience engagement.

Presentation must fit into one of the educational tracks listed in our Strategic Information Focus Areas & Annual Meeting Education Tracks.

Contact information for each speaker – each speaker must have a unique email address. We are also collecting cell phone numbers for any emergency communications and conference app communications.

For continuing education purposes, we must collect the academic and professional background for each speaker to include:

  • Highest Degree Earned
  • Major/Discipline
  • Academic Institution
  • Year
  • Provide a brief overview of the knowledge and professional experience related to the proposed session topic and the aging services field

Please Note:

We cannot make any changes to a proposal or speakers once it has been submitted. We recommend drafting/saving your responses in advance. If selected, you will have an opportunity to update your session content and confirm new or additional speakers.

LeadingAge New Jersey & Delaware reserves the right to change session titles, descriptions, etc. for use in promotional materials.

Our Conference Audience:

The conference audience is comprised of professionals from across the continuum of care in the aging services and senior housing sector. This conference attracts C-Suite professionals; middle/senior managers; department directors; administrators; nursing leaders; finance, quality and safety officers; public relations, communications and marketing professionals; human resources and information technology directors; affordable senior housing managers; social service coordinators and occupancy specialists; home and community based services providers; and more. Professionals in aging services and allied fields (i.e. fundraising, architecture, marketing, education, law, financial management and public administration) also attend the conference.