B-3: Legal Update: Cannabis and the New Jersey & Delaware Senior Care Industry

NAB; HRCI – 1.25 Hours | Wednesday, June 21st. 9:15 AM – 10:30 AM

Session Description:

Cannabis use remains a moving target in the senior care industry.  While cannabis continues to be characterized as a Schedule II drug (and therefore remains illegal) under Federal law, many states, including New Jersey and Delaware, have now legalized cannabis for both medical and recreational purposes.  Providers in the senior care industry have an important decision to make:  to allow or not to allow cannabis.  This session will focus on the current status of the law in both New Jersey and Delaware; Federal law and developments; key considerations and potential risks for providers in light of the state of the law; human resource issues involving use of cannabis by caregivers; policies, procedures, enforcement, training and other facility issues; and more.  The session will offer input on industry trends; best practices; and potential implications to allowing (or disallowing) cannabis use in the senior living space, including potential publicity, marketing and advertising issues associated with such a decision.

Learning Objectives:

Explain current status of the Federal, as well as New Jersey and Delaware law on medical and recreational cannabis.

Outline human resource issues involving the use of medical and recreational cannabis by the workforce.

Analyze risks and benefits to permitting medical and recreational cannabis by residents.


Deborah Cmielewski

Partner, Schenck Price Smith & King, LLP

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Joseph Maddaloni

Partner Schenck Price Smith & King, LLP