E-5: Person Centered Quality Indicators: Normalizing Data to Capture the Individual Experience

NAB; ANNC; HUD; Service Coordinator – 1.25  Credit Hours  | Thursday, June 22nd. 9:45 AM – 11:00 AM

Session Description:

Healthcare providers value hard data as indicators of quality care and quantitative data is often viewed as more objective and scientific. In quality improvement programs we are expected to move the numbers to represent improvement in care. IE: less psychotropic medications equal happier residents. When we honor an interdisciplinary approach and person-centered care, we create systems and programs that aim to make the greatest change for the greatest number of residents. In this session we will introduce the idea of mixed methodology for quality indication, data collection, and reporting.  We will identify obstacles to capturing the resident’s voice in data collection and provide examples and case studies demonstrating successful approaches. In concluding the presentation, we will discuss how to incorporate storytelling and case studies, in conjunction with data, for indicating quality and reporting purposes.

Learning Objectives:

Identify how a traditional approach to QA/QI may miss the unique needs of the individual resident.

Detail how to best move data with the use of resident focused tools and huddles.

Describe how to incorporate case study to represent person centered focus when quality reporting for your organization.


Pamela Garofolo, M.A., Corporate Director of Tapestries – Initiatives, United Methodist Communities

M.A. and student pursuing her PhD in Gerontology Leadership.  She is Nationally Certified Counselor, Certified Assisted Living Administrator, and Nationally Certified Dementia Practitioner.  Pam started working at United Methodist Communities in 2008 as a Director of Memory Support.  She is currently the Corporate Manager of Tapestries Initiatives for United Methodist Communities, a fancy title for “Dementia Care Specialist.”

Kathleen Nace, Director of Memory Care at United Methodist Communities in Collingswood, NJ.

Kathleen is a Board-Certified Music Therapist with over 10 years of experience working with adults with dementia, intellectual disabilities, and mental health concerns. Kathleen’s philosophy of person-centered care drives her daily goals of varied engagement activities for residents living with memory loss, mentoring staff on providing the highest quality care and experience for the residents.