F-3: Navigating the Digital Transformation of Senior Living

NAB – 1.25  Credit Hours  | Thursday, June 22nd. 11:15 AM – 12:30 PM

Session Description:

As organizations envision a larger portion of their annual budgets being directed toward workforce and technology enhancements, this session will focus on the importance of a strong technology strategy and roadmap for organizations to meet their goals. We will explore the build and design of these technologies and components of infrastructure required to meet the needs of emerging technologies now and in the immediate future.  We will discuss Robotics Process Automation or RP; a technology that automates repetitive and time-consuming tasks, allowing staff to focus on more important duties that require human intervention.

We will provide an overview of approaches to integrating smart technologies, as well as new emerging technology trends.  This session will focus on the importance of developing organizational technology strategies, benchmarking data, and establishing an implementation roadmap.  Each community should have a strategic roadmap and security plan when it comes to implementation of smart technologies and infrastructure. We will offer a big picture look around how a proactive, holistic approach to smart technologies, including RPA, AI and predictive modeling, can be leveraged to enhance the quality of life of older adults, and improve clinical decision making.

Learning Objectives:

Explain existing and emerging ‘smart’ technology ecosystems and trends being incorporated into the master planning of new and repositioned life plan communities.

Discuss the importance of infrastructure design in supporting prominent technology solutions and how this impacts the master planning and overall design of communities.

Investigate tools to explore where you are on a digital transformation journey


Nick Patel, President, Thrivewell Tech

Nick Patel joined ThriveWell Tech in April 2018, and has more than 15 years of experience in strategic planning, finance, operations, and sales management in both domestic and international markets for Fortune 500 companies. Nick brings a proven history of delivering results and customer satisfaction to his role with ThriveWell Tech where he is responsible for business growth as well as the strategic planning and execution of technology hardware and software initiatives and programs.

Craig Allison. Director of Sales ThriveWell Tech

Craig Allison offers extensive experience in the IT industry working in a variety of roles including new business development, client management, IT project management and IT consulting. With an expertise in developing innovative managed service solutions for tech savvy communities, Craig has been able to influence the preparedness, direction, and adoption of technology solutions for communities across the country. Craig is a U.S. Army Veteran and earned his master’s degree in business administration, management, and operations at Gannon University.