New Information from the Division of Aging Services re: EARC-PAS (LTC-34) for 2018

February 28, 2018

The Division of Aging Services in the Department of Human Services has reached out to Theresa Edelstein, LANJ’s Regulatory Consultant, with information about updates to the EARC-PAS (LTC-34) for 2018.  We are alerting nursing facilities about the  availability of the updated EARC-PAS (LTC-34) and related instructions for 2018.  Please share this information with your case management and discharge planning staff, and other involved team members.

Please be aware that the EARC-PAS (LTC-34) has been updated to include the new 2018 financial eligibility limits, as well as a few other minor edits on the form and in the instructions to better communicate that the EARC does not guarantee payment.  Payment is only guaranteed where full Medicaid eligibility is established, including financial and full clinical eligibility (onsite PAS following NF admission).  Please utilize the below link to access the new EARC-PAS (LTC-34) form on the internet at our earliest convenience.  Please click here for the form, instructions and fact sheet.

OCCO staff will continue to process the 2017 EARC-PAS form for a period of time to allow providers time to transition to the updated form.

Thank you for your assistance.  Please get in touch with Deanna Freundlich at OCCO with any questions or concerns.

Deanna Freundlich, BSN, RN
OCCO Lead Trainer
NJ Department of Human Services
Division of Aging Services
Office of Community Choice Options
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